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Cessna Caravan

We have access to a Caravan that is modified for data acquisition via any approved sensor and can if needed send live broadcast over 100-200 km through point to point RF. Sensors approved for installation shall weigh less than 100 lbs, have their centre of gravity located at or above 299 mm under the axis of the tube of the sensor holding structure, and do not generate a drag area higher than 0,12 m2.

We have also access to a Caravan that could be used for passengers and / or cargo transport day/night VFR for flights on for example Greenland.

Both aircrafts could be fitted with oversized wheels for rough runways or skis for landing on snow and / or ice.

Speed 175 kt.
Seats 9 - 13 (+pilot)
Volume 9,6 m3
Useful load 1685 Kg.
Endurance 6,3 hrs.
Range 920 Nm. (with 45 min. res.)