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Photo Flights

Our aircraft is well suited for low level, offshore, photo flights. To fly legally below 500 ft. offshore you need an aircraft with two engines.

Most two engine aircrafts has their engines mounted on the wing that result in having a propeller disk obscuring the view.

Our aircraft has a high wing and one engine in front and one in the back of the fuselage. This combination gives the photographer an unobstructed view sideways from the right side of the front propeller disk to a point slightly rearwards and vertically from the bottom of the wing to straight down.

The offshore oil and gas industry has realised that it is more convenient and cost effective to use our aircraft instead of using helicopters for their photo work. We can pickup a photographer any where around the North sea, fly to the installation or jack up and back, all in one day.

We have flown photo flights in Denmark and Norway.

We are cooperating with Medvind Fotografi in Esbjerg, Denmark.