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Erik Erikson Janus List
Erik Eriksson
Administrerende direktør / Chef pilot
T: +45 76 100 300 / M: +45 30 24 42 06
E: ere@propexpress.eu

Erik has more than 22 years experience in aviation. He has
worked in New York, southern part of Sweden and Esbjerg,
Denmark. He is employed by CHC denmark as Captain
flying Sikorsky S-92 helicopters to the different installations
in the danish oilfields in the North Sea. He started Prop
Express in 2008 and is managing the company.
Janus List
M: +45 26 33 66 95
E: jal@propexpress.eu

Janus did his flight training in America, Denmark and
Iceland. He has worked with Photoflights, scenicflights,
surveyflights and operated as a commercial pilot under an
AOC. Janus started as a pilot for Prop Express in 2010 and
has flown in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and
Estonia on behalf of Prop Express.