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Prop Express Scandinavia provides aerial data acquisition across Europe with aerial survey platforms such as the Cessna Skymaster, the Tecnam P2006T SMP

and Partenavia P68.

Approved by the Danish Aviation Authority for SPO and High Risk operations

What type of aerial data acquisition are you looking for?

At Prop Express, our mission since 2008 has been to cater to our clients' specific needs by offering specialized aircraft and a highly experienced crew for ad-hoc wet leasing and aerial survey services. We understand that precision flying is crucial, and that's why we provide some of the most seasoned pilots and crew in the industry.

We started with visual surveys and have since expanded our expertise to encompass a wide range of aerial data acquisition methods available today. Our capabilities include large format imaging flights, LiDAR technology, aeromagnetic surveys, oblique imaging flights, low-level visual surveys, and more.

Beyond providing top-notch aircraft and crew for your aerial survey requirements, we take pride in offering valuable advice and guidance based on our extensive years of experience in the field. Our goal is to ensure that you achieve the best results possible no matter what the mission is.

A successful aerial data acquisition is dependent on proper planning and knowledge of do's and don'ts. As the saying goes (pardon our French), “Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance.”



NEWS ROOM - What have we been up to

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As a response to our ever-expanding business, we've been rapidly growing our aircraft fleet and recruiting new crew members. Recognizing the significance of knowing and understanding our team, we recently organized a team-building day, which proved to be both enjoyable and enlightening.

This day included exciting activities such as go-karting and team-building exercises, fostering a sense of togetherness and enhancing our understanding of each other.

Understanding our colleagues on a personal level and fostering strong bonds within our team is paramount. Being a tight-knit team brings a multitude of benefits. It enables us to communicate more effectively, increasing our overall performance and safety. When we know our teammates well, we can anticipate each other's actions and reactions, making us a more synchronized and efficient crew.

A close-knit team is not just about working well together; it also significantly boosts morale and job satisfaction. When individuals feel connected to their colleagues, they are more motivated and engaged in their work. This leads to a positive atmosphere where everyone is committed to our shared goals.

At our company, we take immense pride in having the best crew, excelling not only in flight safety but also in their unwavering commitment to teamwork and a positive attitude. Our Team Day is just one of the many ways we invest in building a strong team, ensuring that we continue to deliver the highest standards of service and safety in the aviation industry.

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Introducing Our Partenavia P68C for Visual and Digital Aerial Surveys

We are thrilled to introduce our latest addition, the Partenavia P68C, to our growing fleet. This versatile aircraft will be the fourth member of our esteemed lineup and the second Partenavia in our fleet. We are especially excited about the unique capabilities it brings, as it will be exclusively dedicated to visual and digital aerial surveys.

Why the Partenavia P68C for Aerial Surveys?

The Partenavia P68C is the perfect choice for our aerial survey missions. Its reputation for reliability, stability, and adaptability aligns seamlessly with our commitment to excellence in aviation services. Here's why this aircraft is tailor-made for our surveying tasks:

1. Unparalleled Versatility: The P68C's flexible design allows for a wide range of survey equipment installations, accommodating both visual and digital surveying technology with ease.

2. Exceptional Stability: The P68C's design ensures stable flight characteristics, providing a smooth platform for capturing accurate survey data, even in challenging conditions.

3. Superior Visibility: Its spacious cabin with bubble windows offers exceptional visibility, enabling our survey teams to capture the finest details from the air.

4. Cost-Effective Efficiency: The P68C's fuel efficiency and reliability contribute to cost-effective survey operations, allowing us to deliver top-notch results while maintaining affordability.

Our Focus: Visual and Digital Aerial Surveys

With the Partenavia P68C as part of our fleet, we are committed to delivering comprehensive visual and digital aerial surveys. Whether it's land surveys, environmental monitoring, infrastructure assessments, or any other surveying mission, our dedicated team is equipped to provide precise and high-quality data that meets your specific needs.

We are eager to put this remarkable aircraft to work and look forward to serving you with the utmost professionalism, safety, and accuracy. Your trust in our services has been the cornerstone of our growth and success, and we're excited to continue exceeding your expectations with the capabilities of the Partenavia P68C.

Stay tuned for further updates on our surveying missions and the incredible insights we can offer with this fantastic addition to our fleet. We're ready to soar to new heights, and we invite you to join us on this exciting journey!

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Hold onto your hats as we share exciting news from our base in Denmark and operational hub in Malmø, Sweden! 🚀

🌊 Germany's Coastal Beauty: Prop Express is thrilled to announce an exhilarating surge in our activities above the sparkling waters of Germany's breathtaking coastal regions. From our headquarters in Denmark and operations in Malmø, Sweden, our exceptional aircraft and experienced crew are taking off to capture the oceanic splendor of the Wadden Sea and beyond. With the vast expanse of ocean as our canvas, we're dedicated to providing our clients with a unique perspective for informed decision-making and exploration.

🐬 Unveiling the Wonders of the Danish North Sea: During this summer, the Prop Express team embarked on an extraordinary journey across the enchanting Danish North Sea. Our mission? Conducting awe-inspiring mammal surveys that offer a glimpse into the rich marine life inhabiting these pristine waters. Our aircraft, primed for action, have provided us the privilege of observing these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat, gathering invaluable data that supports conservation efforts and enriches our understanding of marine ecosystems.

✨ What Sets Prop Express Apart? ✨

🔭 Oceanic Mastery: Our well-equipped aircraft excel in capturing the beauty and intricacies of coastal regions, offering unparalleled perspectives.

🌐 Headquartered in Denmark, with Operations in Malmø: Operating from both Denmark and Sweden, we seamlessly combine expertise to bring a unique angle to international projects.

🌍 Global Insights: Our aircraft, ready for deployment, allow us to extend our reach globally, providing diverse insights into marine environments.

🌿 Sustainable Exploration: With an unwavering commitment to eco-conscious practices, our aerial surveys respect and contribute to the natural world.

🤝 Collaborative Innovation: Partner with us to transform your visions into reality – we're here to guide and support you every step of the way.




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