Prop Express - Aerial operations


Prop Express Scandinavia provides aerial data acquisition across Europe with aerial survey platforms such as the Cessna Skymaster and the Tecnam P2006T MMA

Approved by the Danish Aviation Authority for SPO and High Risk operations

What type of aerial data acquisition are you looking for?

Prop Express was established in Esbjerg, Denmark, in 2008, to provide ad-hoc wet leasing of survey aircraft and crew, which enables clients to benefit from specialized aircraft with a highly experienced team. We excel at precision flying and can offer some of the most experienced pilots in the business.

Prop Express began with visual surveys, and has since expanded to include most aerial data acquisition methods existing today. We have experience with large format imaging flights, LiDAR, aeromagnetic surveys, oblique imaging flights, low-level visual survey flights, and more.

Besides having the capability and capacity to offer aircraft and crew for whatever aerial survey you need, we pride ourselves in providing advice and guidance regarding aerial surveys utilizing our many years in the business.

A successful aerial data acquisition is dependent on proper planning and knowledge of do's and don'ts. As the saying goes (pardon our French), “Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance.”



NEWS ROOM - What have we been up to

Bird inventory Sweden 2021


Together with our partner Ottvall Consulting, we conduct several flights every month for different projects. The most recent was on the 03rd of May 2022 on the east coast of Sweden, monitoring Migrational birds.

environmental impact assessment survey


Prop Express currently conducts environmental impact assessment surveys in cooperation with the Estonian Ornithological Society and University of Life Sciences on the Saaremaa project site in Estonian waters.
Saare Wind Energy and Van Oord are jointly developing the Saaremaa offshore wind farm covering up to 200 square kilometres southwest of the Estonian island Saaremaa.
The area could facilitate an offshore wind farm of up to 1,400 MW.

Latvia bird inventory C337

AeroEXPO 2022

Friday of last week, we took a company "picnic" with some of our team. The destination: #aeroexpo to get some inspiration and spend a day in the name of #Aviation.
We flew into EDNY and coming from Denmark it is always a great experience seeing terrain higher than 500 ft.

If you haven´t been to Aeroexpo yet, we can definitely recommend it.

We didn´t buy an aircraft this time, but we did buy a very clever remote tug from AC air technology to ease our operations in the hangar. We a looking forward to putting it to use.