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Cessna 337 Skymaster. (Push Pull)

#pushpull C337

Prop Express operates a C-337 twin-engine, inline thrust aircraft modified for Survey and Photo flights. The inline trust gives unparalleled safety in case of engine malfunctions at low altitudes and/or low airspeed. Even when having an engine malfunction, this type of aircraft will maintain controllability throughout the flight envelope, from stall speed to maximum speed, and it will not yaw to one side or the other. This is a clear advantage, compared to a conventional aeroplane with wing-mounted engines, especially when flying low and slow inside offshore wind farms. Aircraft with wing-mounted engines need a higher airspeed to maintain controllability and they will yaw to the side of the malfunctioning engine.

Our 337´ has modern avionics and autopilot, new windows, new cabin, de-ice on the wings and stabilizer, hot propeller, retractable landing gear, two bubble windows (one on each side for the middle row observers) and at the right front seat a full-sized side window that will open fully for taking pictures.

The cargo pack has been modified and certified for installation of survey equipment weighing up to 60 kg, with a hole measuring 65x41cm.

Our aircraft is certified for day/night IFR.

Speed: 145 kt.
Seats: 5 (+pilot)
Useful load: 610 Kg.
Endurance: 10 hrs.
Range: 970 Nm. (with 45 min. res.)

Tecnam P2006T SMP (Special Mission Platform)

Tecnam MMA aircraft

Prop Express operates a Tecnam P2006T multi-mission aircraft (SMP) heavily modified for aerial data acquisition.

With a large hatch, hardpoints for various antenna installations, independent mission power supply system, operators desk, STOL and rough runway operation, this aircraft is suited for every mission imaginable.

The Tecnam P2006T SMP is a modern high-wing aircraft offering a great side and downwards view for occupants, The aircraft powerplants are some of the most efficient on the market using less than half the fuel of traditional survey aircraft while at the same time running on unleaded fuel, providing a more ecological choice of aircraft.

For ease of operation and safety, the aircraft is fitted with a modern Garmin Glass Cockpit and an autopilot to ease operation on longer flights. Our aircraft is certified for day/night IFR.

Speed: 135 kt.
Seats: 3 (+pilot)
Useful load: 411 Kg.
Endurance: 5 hrs.
Range: 600 Nm. (with 45 min. res.)

Tecnam SMP Survey, Lidar, Aerial survey, Aerial data acquisition