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LiDAR and Orthophoto

In need of aircraft and crew for a LiDAR mission? Through the years Prop Express Scandinavia has flown many missions carrying different types of sensor equipment. We are well experienced in Orthophoto and LiDAR and the operational needs that exist for being successful with the acquisition. Weather, Permit, logistics, etc.

Both our aircraft are certified and with hatches and mission power available for the equipment. The image on the right is a drawing of the hatches in our Tecnam MMA.

Tecnam MMA, LiDAR, Aerial


We fly all types of visual surveys with observers onboard from altitudes of 200 ft. and up. Our customers are inventorying both birds and mammals.

We specialize in low level, offshore wind farm studies where we have a safety advantage compared to other operators due to the unique inline thrust aircraft we operate.

With two bubble windows and retractable landing gear, our aircraft provide unobstructed views and has a full-size side window that can be fully open during flight, enabling pictures to be taken.

Most flights are flown with GPS transects, but we also fly coastlines where the pilot is flying on command from the chief observer.

For bird inventory, we offer to provide aircraft and aircrew, or if needed we can provide the entire inventory from start to end. To deliver start to finish surveys, we cooperate with drawing from their many years of experience in the field.

We have flown survey flights in Estonia, Latvia, Denmark, Germany, Sweden and UK.

  • Prop Express has several years of experience carrying out operations in connection with low-level survey flights

  • The Danish Aviation Authority approves Prop Express for High-Risk operations

Photo flights

Our aircraft are well suited for low level, offshore, photo flights.
According to regulations, performing offshore flights below 500 ft. requires an aircraft with two engines.

Most multi-engine aircraft have their engines mounted on the wing, which results in having a propeller disk obscuring the view. However, our aircraft are high winged, with one engine in front and one in the back of the fuselage. This combination provides the photographer with an unobstructed view sideways from the right side of the front propeller disk to a point slightly rearwards and vertically from the bottom of the wing all the way down to the ground.

The offshore oil and gas industry has realized that it is more convenient and cost-effective to use our aircraft in comparison to using helicopters for their photo work. We can pick up a photographer anywhere around the North sea, fly to the installation or jack up and back, all in one day.

We have flown photo flights in Denmark and Norway.

  • Cost-effective aerial platform for professional photographers 

  • Great safety in connection with photo flights due to multi-engined aircraft with inline thrust.

Multi-engine training - Tecnam P2006T

Pilots and student pilots can use our Tecnam P2006T for multi-engine training, instrument training and proficiency checks.

The P2006T is an excellent training platform with glass cockpit and competitive pricing.

The aircraft is not available for private rentals, only for training or checks with an instructor. 

For more information, give us a call or forward an email.

  • Modern aircraft with EFIS.

  • Unleaded fuel and lower consumption provide a greener option. 

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